Seamlessly Automate the transfer of data between Xero and Visualsoft with Cloud Data Exchange

For many ecommerce merchants, the accounting side of business can feel like a tiresome and time-consuming chore.

It is a common combination to use Visualsoft for your online sales, and Xero for the accounting side of your business.

As you spend hours manually keying in data between these two systems, you’ll have undoubtedly thought how frustrating it is that the data doesn’t go between the two automatically.

With Cloud Data Exchange, the transfer of data between Xero and VisualSoft is automated, meaning you can eliminate hours spent manually transferring data and instead focus on growing your business and customer service.

Connecting Xero and Visualsoft will allow the following:

Import and Export Customers 

Keep accurate customer information at all time by automatically transferring customers between both Xero and Visualsoft.

Export products

Automatically export product information from Xero and import into BigCommerce, saving you time and eliminating manual errors.

Import Invoices

Improve the fulfilment process by automatically transferring all Visualsoft invoices straight into Xero.

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What are the benefits of integrating Xero and Visualsoft?

  • Save Time and Money – automating time-consuming manual data transfer, will allow you to focus more on growing your business.
  • Eliminate Manual Errors – ensure accurate data by removing the risk of human error meaning your data will be accurate and consistent.
  • Make Informed Decisions – view your data in real-time allowing you to make the fast-paced, important decisions that matter most to your business.
  • Get Up and Running Straight Away – with our readymade plugins, you can connect in minutes, removing the need for costly implementation fees.
  • Cloud-Based – based on the Google Cloud Platform which means there is no need for downloads and updates.