INTEGRATE Sage 200 Professional AND SHOPIFY

Seamlessly automate the transfer of data between Sage 200 and Shopify with Cloud Data Exchange

For many ecommerce merchants, the accounting side of business can feel like a tiresome and time-consuming chore.

It is a common combination to use Shopify for your online sales, and Sage 200 Professional (formerly Sage 200c) for the accounting side of your business.

The issue with this is that hours are spent manually importing and exporting data between these two systems, which raises the question, can this process be automated?

The solution is Cloud Data Exchange!

With Cloud Data Exchange, the transfer of data between Sage 200 and your Shopify sales account is automated, eliminating those cumbersome hours spent manually transferring information and instead giving you time to grow your business and focus on your customers

Connecting Sage 200 Professional and Shopify will allow you to:


Automatically import and export customers between Sage 200 professional and Shopify ensuring that information is always consistent and accurate.

Sales Orders

Automate the transfer of orders from Shopify to Sage 200, improving fulfilment accuracy and customer service.


Import and export products between both Sage and Shopify, saving time and eliminating errors on your site.

Stock Item Levels

Automatically transfer stock item levels to your Shopify store from Sage 200 professional, allowing you to maintain accurate stock information on your site at all times.

Stock Item Prices

Keep your stock prices up to date by automatically importing your stock item prices from your Sage account.


Save Time and Money
Automating time-consuming manual data transfer, will allow you to focus more on growing your business.

Make Informed Decisions
View your data in real-time allowing you to make the fast-paced, important decisions that matter most to your business.

Eliminate Manual Errors
Ensure accurate data by removing the risk of human error meaning your data will be accurate and consistent.

Integrations to Suit Your Processes
Your initial set up by our experienced team, combined with pre-configured templates that can be customised to your needs if required.

Improved Customer Service
Decrease fulfilment time by transferring orders to a schedule that suits you – don’t be limited by the availability of your team.

Scaleable and secure
Built to handle increased transactions as your business grows on the secure Google Cloud Platform.



Per Month (ex VAT)
Excludes Set Up Fee

Which includes up to 20000 transactions
Need more transactions? See our flexible Pricing Structure for details.


Step One
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Step Two
We’ll get in touch with you promptly to confirm your requirements and that Cloud Data Exchange can fulfil them.

Step Three
We’ll confirm costs, timescales and all the information you’ll need on hand to get started.

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