Become A Champion of ERP

The NetSuite Cloud Data Exchange connector offers you a comprehensive, reliable and customisable solution to connect your ERP system to ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Magento. The Cloud Data Exchange NetSuite connector allows you to:

  • Streamline and automate processes, giving you more time to focus on perfecting your business
  • Automatically sync a range of record types to your NetSuite system, including: Sales Orders, Invoices, Cases and Customers
  • Export Customers, Journal Entries, Contacts, Cases, Saved Searches, Vendor Bills, Sales Orders, Items and Invoices to other platforms
  • Handle multiple NetSuite instances
  • Receive email notifications for error reporting

Become A Champion of ERP with our NetSuite Connector


  • Import customers, journal entries, vendor bills, contacts, cases, sales orders, and invoices into NetSuite
  • Update record types from several locations in ecommerce systems such as Amazon, eBay and Magento

Cloud Data Exchange Integrations

Salesforce integration allows you to Import Accounts and Products while Exporting Orders, Order Lines Accounts & Products.
Import Orders, Customers and Payments. Export Stock, Stock LevelsCustomers and Fulfilment with our NetSuite integration.
Data Transfer for Xero Accounting
Import and Export information such as  Invoices, Items and Contacts from Xero using the Cloud Data Exchange Integration.
QuickBooks Data Transfer
Transfer Customers, Items and Invoices in and out of QuickBooks automatically using Cloud Data Exchange.
Use Cloud Data Exchange to Import and Export Customers and Product information to and from your Shopify platforms.
Use Cloud Data Exchange to Import Stock, Stock Levels, Fulfilment and Customers to Magento and Export Customers and Sales Orders.
Integrate with Amazon to Import Stock, Stock Levels and Fulfilment whilst Exporting Customers and Sales Orders.
Sage 200 2016, Sage 200 Extra, Sage One and Sage Live Data Exchange
Connect Cloud Data Exchange to Sage to Import Sales Orders and Customers and Export Stock and Customers.
Connect with eBay to Import Stock, Stock Levels and Fulfilment and Export Customers and Sales Orders automatically.
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Cloud Data Exchange FTP access allows data to be exported to a CSV. or XML. file and transferred to the desired platform.
Cloud Data Exchange integrates with Freshdesk, allowing you to connect your Customer Service Platform to other systems.

Cloud Data Exchange is compatible with Sage 200c, 2016, Sage 200 Extra, Sage One and Sage Live

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