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Cloud Data Exchange for Salesforce is a cloud-based integration solution that will revolutionise data communication within your business.

The Salesforce Cloud Data Exchange connector allows you to connect and integrate Salesforce with several other types of business applications such as ERP, Accounting and Ecommerce systems.

The following can be automated using Cloud Data Exchange for Salesforce:

Import and Export Accounts

Automatically transfer account information between Salesforce systems such as your ecommerce, ERP or accounting system, saving you time and eliminating manual errors. This can be new creating new accounts or updates to existing accounts

Export Orders

Automatically transfer orders straight to your other business systems, ensuring you always have an up to date and accurate view. This will also help you process these orders accordingly.

Export Opportunities

Automate the transfer of opportunities from Salesforce and into systems such as your ecommerce, ERP or accounting system, ensuring you have an up to date and accurate view of all potential and completed orders.

Import and Export Products

Automatically transfer product information between Salesforce and your other business systems, ensuring your product information is always up to date.

Export Contacts

Automatically transfer contact information from your Salesforce system, ensuring data within your 3rd party systems is accurate at all times.

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Salesforce Integration Cloud Data Exchange

With the ability to transfer data in real-time, or at customisable intervals, you have full flexibility to control where and when data is transferred.

The Salesforce Cloud Data Exchange connector enables your business to connect to other back-end systems like NetSuite, Sage, Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

  • Streamline and automate processes.
  • Automatically sync accounts and products to your Salesforce system.
  • Export accounts, orders, opportunities and products to other platforms.
  • Receive email notifications for errors that can be resolved in real-time.


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