Integrate your CRM system using our smart plugins

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is crucial to the success of a business.  A CRM system, such as Salesforce or NetSuite CRM, allows businesses to track information about their customers.

However, a failure to integrate these CRM systems with other systems such as ERP, marketing and ecommerce services can prevent a CRM system working to it’s maximum potential.

Having your CRM system fully integrated with all your other back office software, such as accounting packages and ecommerce systems saves your business countless time and money by eliminating the need for manual processes of re-keying data between multiple systems.

By integrating your CRM system using Cloud Data Exchange, not only are you reducing the risk of having inaccurate data across multiple systems, but you are ensuring that all employees across the company are looking at the same, single source of accurate information, no matter which system they are accessing.

Salesforce CRM Integration Tool

Integrations include

Salesforce integration allows you to Import Accounts and Products while Exporting Orders, Order Lines Accounts & Products.
Oracle and NetSuite Data Integration
Import Orders, Customers and Payments. Export Stock, Stock LevelsCustomers and Fulfilment with our NetSuite integration.

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What are the benefits of integrating your CRM Systems?

  • Streamline and automate processes, giving you more time to focus on perfecting your business.
  • Bring valuable customer information from other systems automatically into your CRM system.
  • Enhance your customer and prospect tracking while improving customer communication and retention.
  • Export accounts, opportunities and products to other platforms.