Integrate your accounting systems using our smart plugins

Integrating your accounting systems with your other systems, such as ecommerce, ERP and CRM systems, can transform your business’s ability to flourish and grow.

The process of having to manually enter data into multiple systems can be frustrating, time consuming and costly for businesses, hindering their ability to grow.

Cloud Data Exchange will allow you to integrate your accounting systems with your other systems seamlessly, enabling you to automate the transfer of data which was previously done manually.


Some of the Accounting Systems Cloud Data Exchange Connects With:

Oracle and NetSuite Data Integration
Import Orders, Customers and Payments. Export Stock, Stock LevelsCustomers and Fulfilment with our NetSuite integration.
Data Transfer for Xero Accounting
Import and Export information such as  Invoices, Items and Contacts from Xero using the Cloud Data Exchange Integration.
QuickBooks Data Transfer
Transfer Customers, Items and Invoices in and out of QuickBooks automatically using Cloud Data Exchange.
Sage 200 2016, Sage 200 Extra, Sage One and Sage Live Data Exchange
Connect Cloud Data Exchange to Sage to Import Sales Orders and Customers and Export Stock and Customers.

Cloud Data Exchange is compatible with Sage 200c, 2016, Sage 200 Extra and Sage One

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What are the benefits of integrating your Accounting Systems?

  • Reduce errors that often occur with manual data entry.
  • Save money by reducing the time spent manually entering data.
  • Relay real-time information about your business to allow you to make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Streamline and automate processes, giving you more time to focus on perfecting your business.
  • Eliminate the risk of duplicate and incomplete entries.
  • Export information like customers, sales orders and inventory to other platforms.
  • Increase the visibility of transactions for both yourself and the customer.