Timber Merchant Case Study

Cloud Data Exchange Streamlines eCommerce for popular Timber Merchant.

Automatically update Sage 200 when a new online order has been made

Automatically update online shop with stock levels from Sage 200

Situated in the Cairngorms National Park and supplying timber to both the domestic and trade sectors for 30 years, the company prides itself on its reputation for quality products and technical expertise.

As well as supplying timber to trade and domestic customers through their dedicated sales teams, the organisation sell a wide range of decking, flooring and cladding accessories from their ecommerce website.

The Challenge:

The company run the financial side of their operations on Sage 200. As the online side of the business was growing, staff were spending increased amounts of time manually keeping Sage 200 updated with sales orders generated by the website, and likewise keeping stock levels on the website up to date with actual current stock levels contained within Sage 200.

The Solution:

Via their Sage 200 Account Manager, the timber suppliers were made aware of Cloud Data Exchange as a solution. The team proposed that a customised stock level integration from Sage 200 to their ecommerce website would be created using Cloud Data Exchange via an API from the website. In addition, a sales order integration, sending sales orders from the website to Sage 200 via a CSV file from an FTP site was created.

The sales order integration from website to Sage 200 is scheduled to run automatically every 20 minutes, while the stock level import from Sage 200 to the website runs at specific times, six times per day.

The combination of both integrations means that the time processing website orders in Sage 200 is reduced as the requirement for manual input has been eliminated. As well as saving time, now that data transfer between Sage 200 and the website is automated, the risk of keying errors has been removed.

Having the systems in sync with each other also ensures that the businesses customers receive accurate information via the website as to which products are in stock, which avoids disappointing customers and improves customer retention.

“As online sales grew, it was becoming quite time consuming to manually update sales orders and stock levels. Rebuilding our website gave us an opportunity to look at how we could automate this process. Eureka Solutions were able to offer us a solution where Cloud Data Exchange automatically sends sales orders from our online shop to Sage 200, as well as updating stock levels at set intervals. Eureka Solutions were professional and helpful throughout in finding us a bespoke solution that worked for us.”
Fiona Finnie, Marketing Manager

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