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Smarter Order Processing for Smarter Surfaces as Cloud Data Exchange reduces duplication of effort

Sales Order processing time reduced

Duplication of effort eliminated

Key information in both systems now in sync

Smarter Surfaces began their research and development of innovative surface solutions back in 2009. They now have an established distribution network in over 20 countries, supplying a wide range of magnetic, whiteboard and projector wallpapers and self-adhesive films. Winning the Exporter of the Year Award and investing significantly in IT and eCommerce in 2020, they are looking to further improve their outstanding customer experience and international digital presence via their website.

The Problem:

With an ever-increasing demand from distributors and customers, Smarter Surfaces were experiencing higher volumes of online orders. They were finding themselves spending more and more time manually inputting orders into their Sage 50 accounting system, across 10 geographical eCommerce stores. They also needed product information and stock quantities to be made available on the website, ensuring that each system was accurate and up to date.

The Solution:

Smarter Surfaces needed a solution whereby their online sales were transferred automatically into Sage throughout the day, saving them the manpower taken up by doing this manually. Cloud Data Exchange runs on a schedule to ensure that all orders, once reaching a certain status in WooCommerce, are imported without the need for manual intervention. Product information and stock quantities are also exported from Sage 50 to each of the relevant websites worldwide.

The Benefits:

Having taken the decision to implement Cloud Data Exchange to integrate their WooCommerce platform with Sage 50, the time taken for Smarter Surfaces to process their online sales has dramatically reduced. Accuracy and efficiency are superior to any manual processing done in the past, and it has helped to free up significant manpower.

Smarter Surfaces can now continue to serve their customers across 10 different websites worldwide, without having the added stresses of having to manually input all of this data.

“Smarter Surfaces is using Cloud Data Exchange to integrate its eCommerce platform with its Sage system. The automation has resulted in time savings and the elimination of work duplication for our business.”
John Byrne, Financal ControllerSmarter Surfaces

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