Pharmed E-commerce Manager sees Cloud Data Exchange having a “really positive impact”.

The Pharmed Group specialises in providing innovative surgical and medical solutions, as well as pharmacy over-the-counter medication and beauty products. The business branches out into six different companies, and the Health & Beauty branch of Pharmed recently approached Cloud Data Exchange to help the company amid the e-commerce growth they are currently experiencing.

Aideen Horan, E-commerce Manager at Pharmed, explained “e-commerce has become a buzzword in Pharmed over the past couple of years, particularly during the pandemic.” Ms Horan continued by describing the structure of Pharmed’s e-commerce as “very complex,” with the Pharmed Group selling under multiple brand names, as well as holding exclusivity for several skincare brands and health brands, which Pharmed is also responsible for selling online under their separate brand names. These individual websites lead to a cumulation of thousands of orders per week across the United Kingdom and Ireland, placing increased stress upon the business’ e-commerce department.

Pharmed’s Challenges:

The Pharmed Group upgraded their business system from Sage 50 to Sage 200 just over a year ago and through this implementation identified a clear need to streamline the business as much as possible.

Pharmed’s current e-commerce system requires the manual input of orders, Ms Horan explained, “This was fine when it was only a couple of orders but now that we’re building our online presence and e-commerce space, the orders are flooding in and it’s becoming less manageable.”

One part-time member of staff, within the small e-commerce team, holds full responsibility of updating and managing stock levels across each website, as well as updating orders within the system. It was evident to Ms Horan and her team that certain processes required automation to improve efficiency and the accuracy of data.

The Solution:

Pharmed’s search for the appropriate solution led them to Cloud Data Exchange (CDE). Ms Horan explained, “Traditionally Pharmed was specifically trade and did not really have a presence online. Our technical and online infrastructure was not where it needs to be.” The Cloud Data Exchange team demonstrated the system’s ability to enable sales order automation through integration of Sage 200 with Shopify and WooCommerce, allowing for staff to focus upon the relevant tasks to allow growth of Pharmed’s various e-commerce sites, rather than spending time processing the data.

Furthermore, Pharmed identified batch tracking and automated stock levels as additional requirements which CDE was able to fulfil, as well as any future additional requirements which may arise.

Cloud Data Exchange aims to approach the project with Pharmed in a phased situation. In phase two, Pharmed would like to introduce kitting to create a bill of materials, as well as a courier integration to improve their fulfilment process. Ms Horan explained this integration would, “create a two-way communication between Sage 200 and the website, instead of the one-way system we currently have.”

Why Cloud Data Exchange?

Ms Horan stated that the Cloud Data Exchange team played an integral part in her decision for which solution Pharmed would choose, “I have had a positive experience of working with Cloud Data Exchange. Heather and Mike from the CDE team have been great sources of knowledge throughout the project so far.”

Mike Hall, Managing Director of Cloud Data Exchange, expressed, “Pharmed’s current focus is on e-commerce, and as they look to expand their online offering, Cloud Data Exchange will be able to grow with them, allowing for continual automation across any new e-commerce sites.”

“I have had a positive experience of working with Cloud Data Exchange. Heather and Mike from the CDE team have been great sources of knowledge throughout the project so far.”
Aideen Horan, Ecommerce ManagerPharmed

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