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Cloud Data Exchange Streamlines eCommerce for Dog Kennels Direct

Manual order processing time reduced from one day per week to only seconds per week

100% reduction in manual errors from order processing

Faster delivery and improved customer service

Hill Brothers is a family run company, based in Wigan, trading as Dog Kennels Direct. Dog Kennels Direct is the UK’s largest stockist of galvanised dog runs. They supply to all types of customer, from large boarding kennels to domestic dog owners.

The company’s online store, www.dogkennelsdirect.co.uk, has now been trading for around 10 years and sales have gone from strength to strength, with the vast majority of orders being received via their Shopify website. Dog Kennels Direct use the popular system Xero as their accounting system.

The Problem:

With traffic on the Dog Kennels Direct Shopify website ever increasing and orders on the rise, Dog Kennels Direct were finding themselves spending more and more time manually inputting orders into their Xero accounting system. The team had less time to focus on other areas of the business that would be more beneficial, such as growing the business and efficiently serving customers. This was costing them time and money and causing a lot of frustration. Errors were occurring on a daily basis and the workload was building up.

The Solution:

Cloud Data Exchange was recommended to Dog Kennels Direct by their web developer, as a solution to automatically import all of their shopify website orders into their Xero accounting system on a daily basis.

They requested that Cloud Data Exchange be set up on a schedule to run first thing every morning, so that all of the orders placed the day before and through the night, along with the customer and product information, would have automatically been imported into Xero from Shopify, ready for when they start work.

The Benefits:

Having taken the decision to implement Cloud Data Exchange to integrate their Shopify platform with Xero, the time taken for Dog Kennels Direct to import their daily orders has reduced dramatically. What was taking the business owner one full day per week to manually input, now takes a matter of seconds.

Cloud Data Exchange has not only saved time and money, it has also taken over what was a tedious and sometimes stressful task.

In addition, because orders are automatically sitting in Xero at the beginning of the working day, warehouse staff can now get on with picking and shipping the orders as soon as they get in, resulting in faster delivery times for customers.

“It happens automatically, while we are away from the office, on holiday or over the weekend. Gone are the days of sitting for hours on end manually raising the invoices into our accounts software as Cloud Data Exchange has done it all for us. Just amazing!”
“The Cloud Data Exchange set up did not take long at all. Top class product and service from start to finish … I wish I had known about this a long time ago!”
Alex Hill, DirectorHill Bros. / Dog Kennels Direct

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